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Ghostly Unseen "Mirror World" Could Be Sparking Cosmic Controversy WithHubble Constant
An invisible “mirror world” of particles that interact with our world only through gravity may hold the key to solving the Hubble constant p...
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Geno Smith leads sad Seahawks quarterback league
Are they sure they don’t want Baker Mayfield? As the Seattle Seahawks try to replace Russell Wilson after they traded the Super Bowl-winning...
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Rafael dos Anjos: 'Islam Makhachev is ap****', hopes to jump over him
to fight Charles Oliveira in Brazil
Rafael dos Anjos has moved on with his proposed fight against Islam Makhachev, but that doesn’t mean the ex-UFC lightweight champion has for...
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Qualcomm Announces Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1: Switch to TSMC for More Speed,
Less Power
As the dark of night rolls into China tonight, Qualcomm is hosting a mobile-focused product launch event they’re calling “Snapdragon Night.”...
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As global cases mount, researchers race to solve puzzle of mysterious
childhood hepatitis cases
About half of those cases come from just two countries: the United States and the UK. On Thursday, researchers from both countries said the...
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Mark Zuckerberg banned Meta employees from talking about abortion
Facebook’s parent company orders its employees to stop talking about abortion. An executive at Meta Platforms told employees on Thursday the...
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SEC Chairman Gensler Warns Many Crypto Tokens Will Fail After LUNA, UST
Collapse - Regulation
US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) chairman Gary Gensler has warned that many crypto tokens will fail and many crypto investors wil...
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