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Cause of belly fat

Have you ever wondered why you had fat around your belly?.. An unthinkable answer

People who don't sleep enough tend to eat more

Many people have stubborn fat accumulated around their abdomen, which is very hard to get rid of, wondering why.

While there are many causes, one can be easily avoided.

A new study has found that people who do not sleep well tend to eat more food, which turns deep fat in the abdomen, according to research by the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, and published in the journal American College of Heart Disease.

Closely Related to Heart Disease

Lack of sleep with free access to food leads to increased calorie consumption and the accumulation of fat, especially those harmful to the abdomen, she said.

It also confirmed that the lack of sufficient sleep resulted in a 9% increase in the total area of fat in the abdomen and an 11% increase in the abdomen's visceral fat, which is deposited in the deep abdomen around internal organs that are closely related to heart diseases.

In the long term, inadequate sleep leads to epidemics of obesity, cardiovascular disease and metabolism.

The importance of healthy and full sleep

According to cardiovascular specialist Naima Kovacin, who led the study, the accumulation of visceral fat was only detected by computerized tomography (CT) scans and could have been eliminated.

She also pointed out that the weight gain was very modest (only about a pound - 0.45 kg).

The study stressed the need for more research to determine how these outcomes are related in healthy young people to people at greater risk, such as those who are already obese, have metabolic syndrome or have diabetes.

It also stressed the need to observe the necessary sleep hours for a healthy body, which are estimated at 8 continuous hours from the start of the night until the day.

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