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New app to rival Instagram appears

 A new app competes with Instagram...interesting and with weird terms

"BeReal", means abandoning filters and reusing images after modifying them

A new app is competing with Instagram and giving users two minutes a day to post real photos without taking a break on their platform. The idea for the app is a new technology surprise in the world of communication, called BeReal.

Once you load the app, you can click on the Register option, where you agree to receive marketing emails from Insider, as well as other company offers, and accept the platform's terms of service and privacy policy.

Users described it as a fun new app, where you're allowed to post once a day at random times, and users are given a two-minute notice that they have to take a real photo and post it through the app.

They also added that it's a different kind of personal image than it used to be. Rear and front cameras take the picture simultaneously, making it difficult to format the frame that is perfect for them, and that's the point of the application.

“BeReal” means abandoning filters and reusing images after modifying them to be a mix of true but fun images.

As for the cons, some people sometimes lack the freedom to choose a deployment time, which is two minutes long in BeReal. There are times when the phone isn't around, meaning you can't post that day. Your photo will only include the number of hours you're late to take.

Users were unsure whether the new app would be as popular as their social media counterparts, saying it would not cause major addiction, but insisted that if they chose BeReal over other apps.

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