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How do I take care of my skin in summer

 How do I take care of my skin in summer

The summer season affects the skin, which is worth taking care of, and changing the skin care routine to appear in the best appearance during the hot summer months, and taking into account what the skin needs, the skin may not dry out as easily as in the winter season, but it still needs care, to deal with the sun’s rays and the effects of Sunscreen products, and in this chapter it is important not to skip cleaning and moisturizing them; To avoid pimples.

cleaning the face

Washing the face using a mild facial cleanser four times a day, preferably a gel type, except in the case of very dry skin, when a face cleanser cream can be used,[1] and it is preferable to clean the skin by going to skin-cleaning specialists Once a month, to comfort the skin and clean the pores, get rid of skin sensitivity, as the production of sebum on the skin increases in the summer, which clogs the pores, and this leads to skin problems.

sun protection

Sunscreen should be used half an hour before exposure to the sun, and reapplied during daylight hours, especially if exposure to the sun is between eleven in the morning and three in the evening; Because the sun's rays are strong at that time.

use of toner

Toner keeps the pores of the skin closed, and cools the skin, so you should use the appropriate toner for your skin type, or use rose water, which has skin-cooling properties.

Use a skin moisturizer

You should drink a lot of water in the summer to keep the skin hydrated, but nevertheless, you should not skip moisturizing the skin, especially with a water-based moisturizer, in order to protect the skin.

Keep the skin moisturized from within

Carbonated drinks should be avoided; Because it contains sugar, which is bad for the skin, so you should drink fresh juices, for example coconut water, fruit juice, and of course water; To maintain soft and healthy skin.

Peeling skin

Peeling the skin twice a week, and if the skin is oily, it can be peeled 2-3 times a week, to get rid of dead skin, darkening, promote blood circulation, renew skin cells, and keep the skin smooth and clear. 

eye cream

The daily eye cream is heavy in the summer, so it can be replaced with a light eye cream, and heavy use at night only, and the lips must be protected as well with protective moisturizers for the lips.[2]
Make-up removal

Make-up removal

It is very necessary to remove makeup in the evening, by taking a BB cream with a light makeup remover, then rinsing the face with a gentle cleanser or washing with a light glycolic. Next, apply a light, fragrance-free moisturizer.

Oily skin care in summer

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