How to unlock the phone after forgetting the password or security code

 How to unlock the phone after forgetting the password or security code

Who among us has not forgotten the phone unlock code? We have all been in this situation, especially if we change the code and replace it with a new security code, and quickly forget about it when you enter it again; This leads to the difficulty of unlocking the phone except at the hands of a phone maintenance engineer or in a telecom branch, so today we decided to explain how to unlock the phone after forgetting the passcode in an easy way, without having to go anywhere, continue with us.

How to unlock the phone when you forget the password

There are two ways to unlock the phone easily, you only need to follow the easiest and appropriate method for your phone to unlock it again easily, and these methods are as follows:

The first method is on a Google account

  • First, after trying to enter the password many times without success, you will receive a short message from your Google account asking you to enter your account and all its details to identify you.
  • You have to enter both your gmail email and password.
  • Then click on the “Reset Security Code or Password” option.
  • A command will appear asking you to enter a new word instead of the old one, and then you have to choose an easy code so you don't forget it again.
  • After confirming the new password, your phone will be unlocked again.

The second method is through factory settings

  • Click on the shutdown button of the phone until you turn it off completely.
  • Then press the power button to turn it back on while pressing the volume up button.
  • After that, a menu will appear to you with some options, including the selection of “Factory Reset”, click on it.
  • You can navigate between these options to choose via the volume button, whether up or down.
  • It should be noted that this step is very important, and although it is commonly used, it is the last solution for those who want to restart their phone again if the previous attempt failed; This is because it erases all the data, photos, videos, and everything related to you on the phone, so it will be back as it was when you first got it completely new.
  • After completing this step, unlock the phone again.

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