How to edit the text message after sending it to the iPhone after the new update

 How to edit the text message after sending it to the iPhone after the new update

The latest update from the American company Apple, the leading manufacturer of smart phones, for the latest iOS 16 operating system for iPhone phones, carried many wonderful and powerful additions and modern technologies, the most prominent and most important of which was the ability to allow the modification of text messages after sending them.

Edit messages after sending them

According to the latest specialized reports, including the Business Insider report, which indicated that the update of the new iOS 16 operating system included many tasks that provide exceptional advantages to the iPhone holder, most notably the ability to modify the text message sent within only 15 minutes from the moment it was sent, a feature It didn't exist before.

The reports added that the modification feature is limited only to messages sent to and from iPhone phones, that is, it cannot be modified on SMS messages approved in the Android system, from iPhone to another iPhone, and not from iPhone to Android phone or vice versa, because it is a feature related to a particular operating system, which is private with Apple phones.

Editing steps

As for the steps to modify messages after sending them, they are done through the following steps:
  • Click on the message field.
  • The settings menu will appear.
  • Then click on the Edit option.
  • Then save the modifications.
  • Then resend.
  • The new, revised version will immediately replace the initially sent version.
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