WhatsApp launches a new feature for groups that did not exist before

 WhatsApp launches a new feature for groups that did not exist before

The social networking application “WhatsApp” seeks to provide many important features for its users around the world, and the application launches every period a new feature and feature that its users want to be used in an easier and faster way, especially in light of the intense competition witnessed by other communication applications, especially “Telegram” in conjunction with the development technology around the world.

WhatsApp groups

WhatsApp has announced that it is currently seeking to develop the capabilities of the application by increasing the number of users in WhatsApp groups from 100 users to 512 users, and WhatsApp is now testing this feature in a beta version, and the new modifications allow the supervisors of these groups and group members to know who is leaving the group or It is expelled in a period of up to 60 days from the date of leaving the group.

New features in the WhatsApp application

Users in the group information field can choose the “see previous members of the group” icon. WhatsApp is currently testing Android phones so that group admins can filter their contents by deleting messages.


The WhatsApp application is a free American program that provides a central messaging service through some platforms and a voice transmission service through the Internet Protocol “Volp” owned by Meta Corporation. The application allows users to send text messages and text messages, as well as make voice and video calls, share photos and Documents, user sites, and many other media that users need in their communication.
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