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Symptoms of pregnancy with twins from the first week Eve world

 Symptoms of pregnancy with twins from the first week Eve world

You are pregnant with twins ... While you know this news, your life will change, as you are eagerly waiting for your children and be more careful about them.. Then you will be at the beginning of a new adventure and a new life. It can be helpful to know some of the common twin pregnancy symptoms that may be waiting for you week after week.

Pregnancy of twins: first trimester

In the first weeks of pregnancy with twins, you may notice some normal and typical signs of pregnancy, such as: breast tenderness, fatigue, nausea, and a missed period. During the first three months of your pregnancy. A home pregnancy test can confirm your hunch that you are pregnant and eventually an ultrasound will reveal that you are carrying twins.

The first three weeks

After the first three weeks of pregnancy, you may feel some pregnancy symptoms. And when it comes to getting pregnant with twins, there's a lot going on in your belly.
Identical twins.
When a sperm fertilizes an egg, it becomes a single cell called a zygote, which contains 46 chromosomes that determine your baby's sex and physical traits. When you have a single zygote that splits in two during early pregnancy and grows into separate embryos, you will have identical twins. Because they come from the same zygote, they will have the same chromosomes and be of the same sex.

The first four weeks

Around the fourth week of pregnancy, some important developments occur, including implantation. This is when you may notice one of the first symptoms of pregnancy, which is implantation bleeding.
The placenta begins to grow. After about a week, the outer layer of the blastocyst will begin to form a placenta for each baby, providing nourishment throughout the pregnancy. In some rare cases, babies may share one placenta.

5 to 8 weeks

When tracking pregnancy symptoms week by week, whether with a single baby or twins, it is 5 to 8 weeks of pregnancy when nausea and vomiting — aka morning sickness — begin, although the exact cause or causes of this condition are unknown, the pregnancy hormone Human chorionic gonadotropin may be present.

9 to 13 weeks

As you enter the final weeks of your first trimester, you may be surprised to learn what's going on in your baby's tummy.
Twin pregnancy in the second trimester

The symptoms of a twin pregnancy, when tracked week by week, are not much different from the symptoms of a singleton pregnancy. However, twin moms usually show the bumps sooner, and during the second trimester, it will become increasingly clear that you are carrying twins. You may also feel more restless and tired than single moms during this time or you may gain more weight, which is perfectly normal - after all, your body is a nurturing home for two growing babies!

14 to 17 weeks:

The beginning of the second trimester of pregnancy is a busy time for your babies. They gain weight and become more active. As for you, you're entering what's known as the golden period of pregnancy, when your morning sickness and fatigue finally begin to subside, and you feel more energetic.

18 to 22 weeks

Some new aches and pains may appear at this time, thanks to the growth of the uterus and hormonal changes. To help relieve discomfort, try adding some exercises to your daily routine, if your health care provider gives you approval. Exercising during pregnancy may not only reduce discomfort but also help boost your energy level and increase blood circulation, which benefits your twin.

23 to 27 weeks

You may start to develop some new symptoms as your twin pregnancy progresses week by week into your second trimester. For example, you may feel Braxton Hicks contractions, which are a sign that your body is training for labour. These practice contractions are also known as false labour, because they are not the real deal. Your kids are also making progress and getting ready for their big entry.

Pregnancy in twins in the third trimester

In the third trimester, some of the most common twin or single pregnancy symptoms that can appear week after week include back pain as well as swelling in the hands, feet, and legs. As a result, you may find it difficult to sleep or walk comfortably.
Meanwhile, your twins are getting ready for the big day! During this time, they will listen to familiar sounds, such as yours, and will likely settle into the optimal position for vaginal delivery, meaning that both babies are head down.

28 to 32 weeks

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At this point, your body is producing more blood than usual, and your heart is pumping quickly to distribute it throughout your body. Naturally, your baby's belly continues to expand week after week, while the twins are growing and developing.
Your twins can open and close their eyes. The twins may be able to open and close their eyes and sense changes in light. However, they will spend most of their time sleeping with their eyelids closed.
Your twins have finished their major development. By now, your children have finished most of their growth and are starting to gain weight quickly. At week 32, your babies may start shedding lint, the fine hair that covered their bodies.

33 to 36 weeks

As mentioned above, pregnant women with twins can expect to give birth prematurely. So, at this point in your twin pregnancy, you're at home stretching, and your kids know it!

And your kids know that!
The lungs prepare to breathe. Your babies' lungs are maturing and ready to breathe outside the womb.
Twin weight gain. During the last few weeks of pregnancy, the twins will continue to build fat layers and gain weight. Most twins are born smaller than single babies, weighing an average of 5.1 pounds.
Preparing for childbirth. Most women give birth between 37 and 42 weeks. However, if you are pregnant with twins, you can give birth as early as 35 weeks, so watch out for any signs of labor and discuss your options with your healthcare provider.

bottom line

After the initial surprise of being pregnant with twins, it's totally normal to feel overjoyed, exhausted, or even shocked for a while! But knowing the symptoms of a twin pregnancy and what awaits you week by week can help you feel confident along the way and provide some peace of mind.
In some ways, a twin pregnancy is no different from a singleton pregnancy. You will have a larger bump, of course, and you may feel more tired or have other symptoms to a greater degree; But you'll make similar progress as the weeks and months go by as your due date approaches.
However, to summarize some important differences, pregnancy with twins may include

Further examinations with your healthcare provider
previous delivery
The twins need more time in the hospital
High risks of caesarean section and premature birth.

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