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Msi Gf63 Thin Laptop Review

Msi Gf63 Thin Laptop Review

  1. The GF series laptops of the Taiwanese giant MSI are a great choice for a wide range of users who are looking for a gaming laptop at an average price and specifications for everyone. Whether for study, content creation, entertainment or gaming without sacrificing materials, durability, light weight, battery life and other important points for most users.

  2. I have an excellent experience with MSI devices personally, specifically with the GF63 Thin category, and here we have got another opportunity with the 10SC version of the GF63 Thin laptop, which offers a good mix of specifications and advantages, especially for lovers of lightness and performance, in a way that makes it a win-win for most users, and of course gamers and content creators are one of these users. .
  3. First, what are the specifications of the MSI GF63 Thin laptop that we have?
  4. Before discussing the MSI GF63 Thin laptop review, we must quickly review its specifications, knowing that there are many copies of the GF63 Thin laptop in the market that differ in terms of internal specifications and the screen refresh rate with the design matching of course, and the specifications of the laptop we have:
  5. Screen: 15.6-inch IPS-Level with a refresh rate of 60Hz.
  6. Processor: Intel Core I7-10750H.
  7. Graphic Card: Nvidia GTX 1650 4GB.
  8. Storage: 256GB M.2 NVMe and 1TB HDD.
  9. Random memory: 8GB of DDR4 at 2666MHz.
  10. Battery: 51Whr, 120W charger included.
  11. Weight: 1.86 kg, thickness 21.7 mm.
  12. It seems that the laptop offers fairly good specifications for most users, and you may think that the graphics card here is weak, but if you read our review of the Scorn game on the GF63 Thin 9RCX laptop, you will find that the GTX 1050Ti card performed well, so what about the GTX 1650 card? As for the processor, it is relatively old, but it is sufficient, but my only comment here is that the RAM is 8GB, and this is not a problem because you can add another piece of 8GB only.
  13. How does the MSI GF63 Thin deliver one of the best visual and audio experiences you can get for its price?
  14. It was previously believed that gaming laptops offer screens with thick edges in all directions, but the matter began to change some time ago at the hands of a group of companies, the most important of which is MSI, of course.

  15. The GF63 laptop offers a 15.6-inch screen with a good screen ratio due to the thin side edges, which makes it suitable for all uses. The screen is IPS-Level with FHD resolution, and it displays realistic colors, good brightness and appropriate viewing angles, and most importantly, the screen does not leak light except slightly. The screen is wonderful, the only drawback is that its refresh rate is 60Hz for some copies due to its relatively cheaper price, and this deficiency is not compensated for by a high screen resolution!
  16. Manufacturing materials and weight here make the MSI GF63 laptop a special place among its peers!
  17. Perhaps what distinguishes this laptop most is that it comes with relatively high-end manufacturing materials that put it in a high position among its competitors. The cover of the laptop is made of polished black aluminum to protect the screen from any background shock. As for the body of the laptop itself, it is made of high-quality plastic and polished with a metallic touch that gives it an unprecedented luster and smoothness, given the price of the device.

  18. The parts of the laptop have been installed in an effective way that ensures its cohesion and at the same time does not pose a difficulty for technicians for maintenance purposes, but it is flawed that there are millimeter distances between the front of the laptop and its edges that allow the accumulation of dust between these distances in an annoying way, and although this point is related to the design, it must be mentioned here . We mentioned earlier that the weight of the laptop is only 1.86 kg, which makes it easy to carry and move around.
This is how MSI satisfies everyone. Crazy design that appeals to gamers and simple touches for a comfortable experience!
If you ask anyone about the design of the MSI GF63 laptop, they will not deny their admiration for the design, because the design here will appeal to almost all users. The laptop features a flat, polished top cover with a red dragon logo in the center. Below this beast, on the sides and back, you will also find a set of slanted ventilation holes, and the bottom cover is designed in a way that allows air to flow smoothly within the effective cooling system.

Set aside the exterior design and let's raise the lid of this monster, and here we find a glossy and glossy plastic interface punctuated by a large touchpad, and above it a keyboard with a luxurious texture and a size of 60%. As for the buttons, they are inlaid in red with red “Backlit” backlights in four levels, and a low height “Low Profile Switch” suitable for games and distributed in a professional way, meaning the design is wonderful and the experience of use is comfortable physically and visually.
As for the ports, MSI has paid special attention to this aspect with a number of diverse and fast ports. On the left side you will find the charging port and a USB Type-A 3.2 Gen1 port, and on the right side you will find an Ethernet 2.5G port and a USB Type-C 3.2 Gen1 port in addition to two USB Type-A 3.2 Gen1 ports and of course two 3.5mm ports for headphones and a microphone, and finally from the back you will find an HDMI port 2.0, which is a genius place, but I did not like the placement of the charging port in the middle of the left side, because this may make the user, in certain circumstances, pass the charging cable in front of the side ventilation holes with hot air, which reduces the life span of the cable, and what makes matters worse is the design of the end of the cable at an angle of 90 degrees! The solution is to keep the wire away from these openings.

Active cooling system that pushes the capabilities of the internal gear to the limits
Well, the cooling system here is really very efficient compared to its competitors, it includes a medium-sized cooling fan, well-distributed air vents with a smooth airflow design, in addition to copper heatsinks to absorb the heat of the graphics card and a good cooling paste to absorb the heat of the processor, and of course the fan only works when gaming Or use demanding software such as Photoshop and Premiere Pro.

This laptop achieves a good frame rate and moderate temperatures with some well-known games, namely GTA V, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, and Assassin's Creed Unity. These games were run at an average of 60 frames per second with High settings, while the graphics card temperature reached about 80 degrees. Celsius, while the processor temperature reached approximately 85 degrees Celsius, and do not worry about modern games, you can run them with medium quality and an appropriate frame rate.
If we compare the performance of the laptop in games with home platforms such as the Xbox Series S, we will find a noticeable advantage for the laptop in most games. Someone may ask about the wisdom of the comparison, but they do not know that MSI provides App Player software that supports great features, the most important of which is the “Console Mode” that conveys the experience of home consoles through the computer in a wonderful way through a dedicated user interface and full support for the “Controller” arm, and for this reason The HDMI port is placed right on the back and all you have to do is connect your laptop to the monitor and launch MSI Player.. amazing!
Advantages of owning a MSI GF63 Thin laptop:
A good “IPS-Level” screen with a suitable “FHD” resolution, with good viewing angles, low light leakage, and thin edges.
Loud, clear, stereo loudspeaker with Hi-Res and Nahimic support.
An attractive and exciting design that blends simplicity and modernity and appeals to all tastes.
Large touchpad and high-end keyboard with a low profile height and 4-level illumination.
Sufficient number of diversified and well-distributed ports.
Good utilization of the device's capabilities thanks to features such as the MSI App Player software and the efficient cooling system.
Efficient cooling system thanks to copper tubes, efficient cooling fan and airflow design.
Disadvantages of owning a MSI GF63 Thin laptop:
A screen with a 60Hz refresh rate for some copies, given its price, if you want a higher refresh rate, you will go to buy another copy of the laptop at a slightly higher price.
The surface of the laptop is prone to staining and dust collection.
Despite the attractiveness of the design, it is refined and has not changed since 2018 despite the many versions of the series, but it is not a problem for performance fans.
Lack of RAM capacity for some copies, but it can be easily upgraded due to the presence of an additional slot.
The location of the charging port next to the ventilation holes may force the user to pass the wire in front of it, but the problem can be solved by keeping the wire away from the ventilation holes or passing it from the front.

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