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How to verify your TikTok account with the blue tick 2023, and what are the conditions required for verification

 The Tik Tok application is considered one of the most widely used and popular social networking sites among users, as this application has become, within a short period of time, one of the most popular social networking platforms that includes millions of users who share their videos to get audience interaction and more views, and there have also become a lot of Celebrities who use the application on their phones and have a very large audience of followers from all over the world, and you may have noticed the presence of a blue verification mark next to their accounts on the TikTok platform, as this mark indicates that the account holder is famous and also helps other users to verify the account holder.

Surely you wanted to have such a blue mark on your TikTok account, and fortunately it can be obtained easily, especially during the recent period in which TikTok has become lenient about real users obtaining the blue verification mark, but you should also know that Recently, TikTok has taken many security measures to verify user accounts, and the blue mark next to the name indicates that the user's TikTok account has been verified, just like celebrities.

The blue verification mark on TikTok

At the beginning of the work of the Tik Tok platform, it was documenting the accounts of famous users by placing a white crown icon next to the name, and this sign also indicated that the account was documented by Tik Tok, and after a short period after that Tik Tok became one of the most famous social media platforms in the world The verification mark has changed from the white crown icon to the blue verification mark, as is the case in other social networking sites, Facebook and Twitter,And as we know, the blue authentication mark is granted by TikTok to users to confirm that the verified TikTok account is indeed owned by the owner of the same character that appears in the videos and profile picture, and also indicates that this same user does not copy or steal content from other users and does Post it on his account in order to get the blue verification mark.
The blue verification mark is granted to the user who submits and publishes distinctive and unique content of his own that is not owned by anyone else on the application, and therefore the user who provides this distinctive and unique content submits a request to confirm his account on TikTok in order to be verified with the blue mark, which will appear next to Name it to give it a professional feel and make the account holder look like a celebrity.

You should also know that the blue authentication mark will not be obtained in any other way except by providing the distinguished content winch on TikTok, and of course it is not possible to buy the blue authentication mark or use any other trick with the aim of obtaining the blue authentication mark, and in fact there are also some conditions imposed by the TikTok administration on users who wish to verify their accounts on TikTok, and among those conditions:

Your real first and second name must be used on your account as it appears on your ID.
You must write a description on your profile for the content you provide on your TikTok account.
Before requesting verification, you must publish at least 10 videos on your TikTok account.
The content you provide and post on TikTok must be unique and unique, i.e. your content is not copied or stolen.
Your videos must have high views and many comments.
You must have a lot of followers on your TikTok account.
You must add personal data such as your mobile phone number and email.

Steps to verify a TikTok account 2023

Verifying the account on TikTok differs somewhat from the rest of the social networking sites, as the matter is not the same as on Facebook or Twitter, but you must apply the conditions for verifying the account first, then follow some steps in order for your account to be ready to be verified, and then you can send an e-mail request For the support team in charge of verifying accounts.

1- At the beginning, open your personal account on TikTok, then click on the list of options you have, which are the three points above.

2- In the options menu, click on the Settings and privacy option.

3- Click on the Manage Account option.
4- Link your e-mail and mobile phone number to your personal account before you request account verification.

5- On the same page you are now on, which is account management, switch your account to a commercial account.

6- After doing this, choose the classification of your account and choose the field in which your account specializes, and this matter depends on the content that you publish.

7- Use your same email that you linked to your TikTok account in order to send the account verification request to the email of the support team on TikTok, which is “feedback@tiktok.com”.

8- Now write a confirmation request message and send it to the support team's email.

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