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How do you save ChatGPT conversations and share them with others?

 How do you save ChatGPT conversations and share them with others?

Many people use the ChatGPT chatbot to help perform various tasks, such as writing emails, debugging code, and more. If you are starting to use it, and want to track your conversations with a ChatGPT bot to see how its responses change over time, or want to share the responses you got with others, here's how to find, save, and share your ChatGPT conversation history:

1- How to save ChatGPT conversations:

All ChatGPT chats are automatically saved in the chat interface, and you don't need to save chats manually. To access any previous saved ChatGPT chat, follow these steps:

  • Sign in to ChatGPT.
  • Click the three-line menu button to open the sidebar.
  • You will see a list of all your previous chats with ChatGPT.
  • Decide which conversation you want to read again or resume by asking a follow-up question, or an entirely new question to add to the thread.
Previous conversations are automatically saved with the name of the first query you made to the ChatGPT bot in that conversation. You can manually change the name of any conversation by following these steps:

  • Open the conversation whose name you want to change, and next to its name in the sidebar there will be an icon with a pen icon, and another with a trash can icon.
  • Click the pen icon, type a new name for the conversation, and then click the Enter key.

You can also delete the conversation by clicking the trash can icon. To start a new conversation thread, click on the New Chat button that appears at the top of the bar on the left side.

2- How to share ChatGPT conversations:

ChatGPT does not have any sharing features built in yet. And if you want to share your conversations, you can highlight text with the cursor and copy it by clicking the (Ctrl and C) buttons on Windows, Linux and ChromeOS computers, or clicking the (Command and C) buttons on Mac computers.

After you copy the conversation, you can paste it anywhere else on your computer, eg to paste it into an email message or a document shared with other people. There is no way to collaborate on ChatGPT conversations yet, so you cannot invite others to participate in your ChatGPT thread.

ChatGPT is still relatively weak in terms of general features that other applications have, like sharing for example. On the other hand, the ability to save conversations hasn't been around since ChatGPT launched, so similar improvements are likely to appear in the coming periods.

Does ChatGPT save all data automatically?

ChatGPT saves all data automatically, and in addition to providing your chat history within your account, OpenAI also has access to this information. OpenAI states in its (ChatGPT FAQ) ChatGPT General FAQ that:

“As part of our commitment to safe and responsible AI, we review conversations to improve our systems and to ensure content complies with our policies and safety requirements.”

Additionally, your conversations with the chatbot are also used to improve future responses. OpenAI's privacy policy states that the service saves almost everything. This includes the personal information you provide, conversations and metadata such as: IP address, browser and device you are using, etc.

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